When it comes to your child’s oral health, you should not be settling for less or you will forever regret it. Here at Greenfield Family Dentistry, we provide specialized dentistry for children in a warm, caring and child-friendly environment because we understand the needs of a child. If you have kids or children, it is recommended to bring them to our pediatric dentist. pediatric dentist is the one who has the experience and qualifications to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout the various stages of childhood. Without proper dental care, children can possibly face the consequences of lifelong pain and complications.Here at Greenfield Family Dentistry, we give emphasis on prevention and education on both children and parent. We provide preventative dental care so children can be guided on how they can best take care of their teeth. We help them be encouraged to develop good habits on oral hygiene by practicing proper brushing and flossing as well as develop good eating habits so they can maintain a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

The services we provide include the following:

  • Cleaning and fluoride treatments - drinking water treated with fluoride and brushing and flossing regularly ensures significantly lower cavities. Fluoride will help the teeth to be stronger and resistant to decay and cavities.
  • Sealants to protect healthy teeth from decay - protect susceptible areas,such asthe chewing surfaces of the back teeth that are extremely difficult to clean of bacteria and food, by sealing the grooves and depressions, preventing bacteria and food particles from residing in these areas.
  • Oral hygiene and preventative home care programs
  • Parental instruction for care of infant and toddler teeth
  • Custom-made mouthguards to protect against sports injuries
  • Diagnostics for early orthodontic treatment
  • Root Canal Treatment — root canal treatment is performed to save an injured or severely decayed tooth. Well, sometimes children need root canals, too. As mentioned above, baby teeth are important guides to the permanent teeth that are already forming beneath your child's gums. Therefore, saving them from premature loss can help prevent a malocclusion (“mal” – bad; “occlusion” – bite) that requires orthodontic treatment.
  • Bonding — Chips and minor fractures to front teeth are common childhood occurrences. These can be repaired with tooth-colored bonding materials. These lifelike resins made of plastic and glass can be used on baby teeth as well as permanent teeth and last until the youngster has completed facial growth.

The following are some of the most common dental problems among children that can be prevented by bringing them to pediatric dentists:

  • Tooth Decay – tooth decay refers to the loss of minerals from tooth structure due to bacteria build up. There are certain food that leave deposits in the teeth and help in the bacteria build up, these are the carbohydrate rich food including candy, cookies, soft drinks, and fruit juices. The deposits combine with the bacteria and forms plaque which primarily starts the decay.
  • Sensitivity – sensitivity refers to the pain or discomfort felt from consuming hot or cold food and beverages. This is due to the enamel wearing off, and recession of gums exposing the interior of the tooth and causing irritation of the nerve endings.
  • Gum Disease – Gingivitis or gum disease is caused by poor oral hygiene and is characterized by the inflammation of gum tissue. There are three types of gum or periodontal disease in children: Chronic Gingivitis, Aggressive Periodontitis and Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis. These are indicated by the following signs: Bleeding, Puffiness and Recession.
  • Canker Sores – canker sores are normally small sores inside the mouth which lasts for about one or two weeks and often reoccur. This looks like a pimple with a white or grey base surrounded by a red border. Topical agents or antimicrobial mouthwashes usually help reduce the duration of canker sores.
  • Grinding – grinding is an involuntary habit and considered to be a common developmental phase of childhood. Children while growing up are naturally eliminating this habit as they age. Grinding can cause muscular pain and may wear away permanent teeth.
  • Orthodontic problems – orthodontic problems include crowded teeth or misaligned jaws and can either be inherited or acquired. These problems can be aided by going to the dentist or an orthodontist to be more specific.

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