Teeth whitening is a process which gives fabulous end results. The teeth end up several shades whiter at the end of teeth whitening procedures. However, there is a bit of confusion about whether one needs a dental surgeon or a dentist for teeth whitening.

A dentist is not needed all the time for teeth whitening

There is a procedure called teeth whitening at home which can be done without any dental supervision. For this, one needs what are called teeth whitening trays. These are worn over the teeth for a few hours each day and throughout the night as well for several days at a stretch. After this, a person’s teeth get whiter by several shades. Then on, after every few days, one needs to wear the whitening trays for just a little while. This will ensure that the whitened teeth will remain white and not go back to their original stained ways.

Procedures for which a dentist is a must

There are several procedures of teeth whitening for which one needs to pay a visit or two to the dentist. In these procedures, a whitening gel is smeared or spread all over the teeth which are stained. A specialized kind of light is passed through the teeth for a given duration of time to harden this gel onto the teeth. After the session, the teeth are brighter by several degrees. The degree of whitening varies from one procedure to another depending upon the amount of gel and the duration and intensity of the specialized light passing through the gel. These procedures, however, need to be repeated after every few months. If the person whose teeth are whitened is the sort who drinks beverages or has a habit of eating sticky and sweet food, the teeth are likely to stain again. Hence, once the teeth get stained again, the process, it goes without saying, has to be done again. This is not something which ensures permanent teeth whitening. It depends upon the aftercare which the concerned people take of his or her teeth. If they make it a point to maintain good dental hygiene and keep their teeth clean, then teeth whitening need not be done time and again. The result of this procedure will last for a longer time.

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