The Truths About Cavities and How You Can Prevent Them in Gilbert, AZ

You are lucky enough if you didn’t get any cavities in your teeth because, in reality, a majority of people are affected by the said oral problem. In fact, they are being dubbed as “the world’s most common health problems.” That is how widespread cavities are. Learning more about the said complication, therefore, is useful for people to know the ways to prevent it. So without further ado, here are the essential things about cavities that everyone needs to know.

Facts About Cavities

  • The main culprit of cavities is the acid-producing bacteria inside the person’s mouth.
  • Common colds are the top 1 most typical disease in the globe. And you know what’s second? Cavities.
  • If you think tooth decay is less of a problem, think again. Untreated cavities can progress into an infection which may impact the brain. When this happens, even death is possible!
  • Originally, newborn babies don’t have cavities in their teeth. But since the disease is transferable, they often get it from the saliva of their mother, nannies, or other family members.
  • Each year, multitudinous people in the U.S are suffering from cavities despite the fact that the problem is entirely preventable.


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Simple Ways To Halt Cavities

As mentioned above, it is possible to prevent cavities. But why is it that millions of people still suffer from this type of oral problem? There may be something wrong with their oral habits. If you want to get rid of cavities, follow these tips that we at Greenfield Family Dentistry listed.

Get a fluoridated toothpaste

Fluoride is an important mineral that must be included in your toothpaste or other oral care products. It is known to alleviate the person’s risk of tooth decay.

Do not forget to brush at night

The liquid substance in your mouth, or commonly known as saliva, plays a vital role in combating the development of cavities. Its task is not just to keep the oral structure moisturize, but it also helps wash off the unnecessary particles in the mouth. Unfortunately, saliva tends to drop during the nighttime. If the teeth are not cleaned enough, it will be easier for decays to settle.

Invest in a sealant treatment

The back teeth are composed of nooks and crannies, making them susceptible to decay. The best way to protect the pearly whites against cavities is by sealing them. Here at Greenfield Family Dentistry, dental sealants are offered for both young and adult patients.

Say yes to Sealants in Gilbert, AZ  and wave goodbye to cavities! Book an appointment with us at Greenfield Family Dentistry now! We are located at 875 N. Greenfield Road Suite 114, Gilbert, AZ 85234.