Tips to Handle Dental Emergencies Properly in Gilbert, AZ

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Taking care of the teeth and oral structures are essential for a good overall health condition. Over the years, dentistry has been improved to cater to each person’s dental needs without exceptions. Multiple procedures are now available even for the treatment of a single problem while ensuring that a patient’s preference can be taken into consideration for favorable results.

With that being said, there are still some instances that may result in problems which should receive urgent treatments to avoid further complications. Do know that accidents can occur at any time especially when least expected.

For dental emergencies, Greenfield Family Dentistry provides same-day appointments to assist patients with their dental concerns efficiently to prevent problems from developing. It is to ensure that all of our patients get the care they deserve at any time they need.



Common Dental Emergencies and its First-aid

Knocked-out tooth – if this happens, it is best to retrieve the tooth since it can still be successfully reattached. As long as the roots are still intact, it can be inserted into the jaw, but if not, keep it inside the cheeks or soak it in milk to save it. Rinsing with water is possible, however, be careful not to scrub the tooth to prevent root damage.

A toothache – Thoroughly clean the mouth by rinsing with warm water. Consider flossing to make sure that there is no food stuck in between the teeth. Swollen teeth can be treated by applying a cold compress on the cheek for 10 to 15 minutes every hour.

Chipped tooth – Rinse the mouth with warm water, make sure that there are no broken pieces inside the mouth that can be swallowed. If a tooth is bleeding, apply a moistened gauze for about 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. If there is swelling, place an ice pack to the affected area to soothe and promote healing.

Dental prostheses that fell-off – Try to retrieve the piece since the dentist can still reattach the prosthesis together. If it is possible to be temporarily reattached, use a dental cement, denture adhesive, or toothpaste to hold it in place before reaching the dental office.

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