Tips and Tricks to Avoid Dental Injuries

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Dental injury is the most common reason behind a visit to the dentist’s office. It can be defined as the process of knocking off, dislodging, chipping, and fracturing teeth resulting from an accident. Bleeding and gum lacerations are to be expected as well. Approximately 80 percent of these injuries are located on the front teeth, damaging the lips, tongue, cheeks, and mouth tissues. These often occur because of a sports injury. 

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How do we protect ourselves from dental injuries?

  • Using mouth guards during a sports activity helps a lot to protect people from injury. There are several options for mouth guards available in the market. It is best to find the right one that brings the best comfort and ease of use. 
  • Face cages protect the face and the mouth against trauma from blunt force. Certain sports positions like baseball catcher or hockey goalie require face cages when playing or practicing. They are susceptible to get a blow on the face, and wearing face cages will benefit them greatly. 
  • Helmets are essential protective gears. Using helmets do not only protect the teeth and the mouth area, but they protect the entire head as well, decreasing the probability of head injury and brain damage. 
  • Avoiding hard foods, candies, and biting on ice cubes will prevent chipping one’s tooth and protect the teeth from having injuries while eating.

It does not matter how much the extent of the injury; it should be checked by a dentist to assess the level of trauma. Afterward, the dental professional would be able to provide the necessary treatment and procedures for a particular patient. There are some cases when the neighboring teeth of the affected area may become damaged as well. That is why a thorough dental examination should be sought to detect these forms of damages.

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