The Advantages Lumineers Offer

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Veneers have already been present for several decades, but it would seem that recent technological breakthroughs created a more remarkable innovation—Lumineers. Although traditional veneers have served their purpose in helping people achieve the smile they have always wanted, they were not the best solution for everyone. The usual reason is irreversibility. Plus, the requirement of having some of the enamel removed tend to worry most patients. Thanks to the availability of Lumineers, these are no longer the case.


For our patients at Greenfield Family Dentistry to know more about the advantages of Lumineers, here is a list we prepared. Continue reading below!

Easy to apply

Compared to traditional veneers, Lumineers can be installed by the dentist in just a few visits instead of three. Minimal teeth preparation and as a result, the procedure became painless which may not even require the use of anesthetics for comfort.

More natural

Lumineers are made to be very thin—approximately 0.2 millimeters. And they are also translucent, making the prosthesis reflect light the same way as real teeth do. Once in place, Lumineers would look a lot like real teeth that other people won’t even notice.


Porcelain veneers approximately last for an average of 10 years. On the other hand, Lumineers can last for more than 20 years; therefore, making it a more cost-effective choice. The good news with Lumineers is, they are less likely to crack when chewing on hard foods.

Easy fit

Instead of shaving the enamel off to make way for the prosthesis like with traditional veneers, the thinness of Lumineers makes it fit over the teeth. As a result, more of the natural healthy teeth are preserved. Lumineers may be very thin, but patients can expect them to correct several teeth imperfections like sensitivity, mild discoloration, stains, chips, and wear.

Few restrictions with food and beverages

Traditional veneers tend to have limitations. Dentists often recommend veneer wearers to avoid hard and sticky foods to prevent any damage to their prosthesis. But in the case with Lumineers, patients are free to eat anything they want without any worries. That is if they follow the ever necessary dental hygiene.

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