pediatric Dentistry Gilbert AZ – Greenfield Family Dentistry

Greenfield Family Dentistry is the number one rated dental service in Gilbert, Arizona. The clinic is composed of skilled dentists committed to provide excellent and quality dental health care. The clinic is offering many features that set them apart from other dental services in the area. Some of those features have been mentioned below.

Comfortable Environment

The clinic values the comfort of their patients. To make their visits pleasant, many additional services are offered. These include satellite TV, DVD’s, water bottles and each treatment station itself comes with satellite TV, fifty music channels and headphones.

Friendly and Compassionate Staff

The dental assistants and other staff at Greenfield Family Dentistry are all very friendly and compassionate people. They take care of patients as they might for their friends. Your visits are ensured to be pleasant from the front door to the dental chair and back.

Variety of Dental Services

Greenfield Family Dentistry offers a range of different dental procedures. These include reconstructive, cosmetic and family dentistry.

Health and Safety Standards

The clinic is meeting basic health and safety standards set by OSHA. They follow all steps that help to prevent any risk to the health of the patients.

The practice at Greenfield Family Dentistry is led by Dr. Herr. Dr. Herr has extensive dental experience. He has been selected as the top valley dentist for the annual Phoenix Magazine Survey by his peers on several occasions.

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