Know More about Dental Crowns in Gilbert, AZ

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A crown is a type of dental prosthesis that is crafted to resemble the visible portion of a tooth. Aside from offering a natural look, it also aims to restore the function and durability of any compromised structure. Various materials are used for crowns, but the most popular choice are the ones made from tooth-colored materials. Quite unfamiliar about crowns? Here are some quick facts!

  • Crowns are hollow on its center to fit a damaged tooth.
  • Getting a dental crown can save one from extraction.
  • Each crown is custom-made for every patient to make it appear as natural as possible.
  • The dental prosthesis can last for many years, but its longevity can only be secured if the patient performs proper practices.
  • The placement requires slight shaving of the enamel to secure the best fit.
  • Over time, patients will need to have their crowns replaced due to the constant wear and tear from its continuous use.
  • Typically, crowns require at least two dental visits to be completed. But we at Greenfield Family Dentistry can provide the restoration in one appointment thanks to CEREC!


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There are many reasons for people to consider crowns. Here are as follows:

Root canals

The procedure involves the removal of the pulp that is located at the center of the tooth. Although removing the tissue would not cause any adverse effects on the teeth, it is best to have a crown installed. It acts as an added protection to keep the teeth intact and to prevent reinfections. With it, patients can use their teeth without any worries.

Dental Implants

One of the most popular solutions for people who are missing a tooth or two is implants. Crowns can serve as a single tooth restoration instead of opting for a dental bridge that requires the support of the adjacent teeth to stabilize. As a result, healthy teeth can be preserved.

Extensive decay

The usual solution for patients with cavities are dental fillings; however, if the problem has affected a larger portion of a tooth, it is best to opt for a crown. Relying on fillings can cause the teeth to weaken and even increase the risk of adjacent teeth in developing tooth decay.


A broken tooth can still be saved with crowns. Since the prosthesis encases the real tooth, it can keep the pieces together while restoring its appearance and function.

Call or visit us at Greenfield Family Dentistry! We offer Crowns in Gilbert, AZ which not only provides favorable aesthetics and functionality but convenience as well since it can be completed in just a single visit.